rehearsal … more new tracks…

well.. again… we rehearsed and practiced 3 new tracks… you can get a little idea via the following clips and also check out the lyrics

In thoughtlessness i loose myself
Living other worlds, escape the now
in here i am invincible
Makes me dull, soften my edge

I feel the need to waste
feel temptation overcome
deliverance is just another attempt
to make excuse for today

Theres only one way out.
I surrender, i embrace your guiding hand
the best you want for me is all i need
In this i place my trust, in this i submit

lyrics by andré


use the right words
push the people once more
turn the volume up
play some touching chords

does it feel good
this kind of power?
does it feel good
when you play with them?
does it feel good
when they follow your words?
does it feel good
when you control them?

is this what jesus meant?
No – think for yourself
is this what god wants us to be?
No – walk your own way

that’s why it is called:
„personal relationship with god“

jesus was bout freedom
jesus meant real liberty
leading people away from anything
that kept them in any boundaries
your system of religious meetings
is bout people staying children in faith
it means bein‘ dependent on your leader
your preacher and the words he’s sayin‘

as if they need some extra push
by the worship band
as if they need you to meet jesus
or to take his hand
as if they need some extra words
to feel that he’s here
as if they need you to contact him

stay away from me – stay away from me- stay away from me

lyrics by marcus

All i need

When i inhale
i wanna inhale you – holy spirit
and when i exhale
i want to exhale you – holy spirit

i wanna be drenched by you
and every word i say
and every thought i have
shall be filled with your presence

take this weak heart
and fill it with your life
take this mortal soul
and soak it with your fire
you live in me
i dwell in you

all i need
is you

lyrics by marcus

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