and more new tracks….

well… started 2 new songs today … so we got 12 new tunes now, some more will follow and soon some new recordings will be available … you can get a lil impression in the following videos and also find the lyrics below…

if it wasn’t for christ

full of crap
full of darkness
failure forever
no chance to prevail

thank god
he doesn’t see me this way
but i do
oh yeah i do

no discipline
big talkin‘ but no consequences

fallin‘ down again
betrayin‘ my principles

if it wasn’t for christ
i couldn’t stand this life

aware of having been a jerk
so many times

god may be merciful
but sometimes i can’t forgive myself at all

lyrics by marcus

Jesus is number one

If this band is more important
i’ll flush it down the toilet

if my style is more important
i’d rather wear „suits and ties“

if the „jesus freaks“ are more important
i better stay away from them

if my records are more important
i break them and throw them in the garbage can

cause jesus
is number one
for all times

is number one
and nothing
has the right to take his place

if a pretty girl is more important
i better stay alone

if an attractive job is more important
i’d rather do the crap work instead

if political actions are more important
it’s not my revolution

if anything is more important
its time to go and let it die

lyrics by marcus

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