more more more new songs

well, we head straight towards a new recording session … so here are 2 more brandnew tracks from the rehearsal room … just to get an idea of the sound… lyrics are also available:

remember my words

remember my words
when the dead walk the earth
when the sick are getting healed
and when demons will flee

‚cause either the word is true
then it’s time to start
or it’s nothing but lies
then i’m the first to fall apart

but i believe in christ
in his power and his love
and it’s not bout show nor money
but bout blessings through strength from above
and it’s not bout condemnation
but bout the message of grace and forgiveness
the biggest power ever been
and the only one free from selfishness

so go go go go go go
in the name of christ

lyrics by marcus

Ton Steine Dutschke

Tolstoi was a christian
Dutschke believed too
and Rio read the bible
even quoted it in the lyrics sheet

and what about liberation theology
or the catholic workers movement?
even ensslin read the word of god
did i mention bonhoeffer and scholl?

so don’t bore me with your lies
that christians can’t be part of the fight

against unjustice and oppression
who are you to decide?
who are you to segregate us?
while we could stand side by side

yeah we could have fought side by side

lyrics by marcus

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Praiser bald bei Shai Hulud


es ist wieder soweit, die streitbar beste Band der Welt kommt nach Hamburg in den Hafenklang: 21.04.2011 „Frühkonzert“ ab 18:30 oder so.

Praiser ist dabei. Zwar (noch) nicht auf dem Podium aber ganz bestimmt dicht dran. Und Hardcore-Legenden wie die Sandwurmjungs sind
sehr rar in unserer Szene und gehören unterstützt.
Falls ihr also nix vorhabt an nem Donnerstag abend, dann sehen wir uns dort.

Diesmal hoffentlich ohne Blut und Platzwunde :).



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and more new tracks….

well… started 2 new songs today … so we got 12 new tunes now, some more will follow and soon some new recordings will be available … you can get a lil impression in the following videos and also find the lyrics below…

if it wasn’t for christ

full of crap
full of darkness
failure forever
no chance to prevail

thank god
he doesn’t see me this way
but i do
oh yeah i do

no discipline
big talkin‘ but no consequences

fallin‘ down again
betrayin‘ my principles

if it wasn’t for christ
i couldn’t stand this life

aware of having been a jerk
so many times

god may be merciful
but sometimes i can’t forgive myself at all

lyrics by marcus

Jesus is number one

If this band is more important
i’ll flush it down the toilet

if my style is more important
i’d rather wear „suits and ties“

if the „jesus freaks“ are more important
i better stay away from them

if my records are more important
i break them and throw them in the garbage can

cause jesus
is number one
for all times

is number one
and nothing
has the right to take his place

if a pretty girl is more important
i better stay alone

if an attractive job is more important
i’d rather do the crap work instead

if political actions are more important
it’s not my revolution

if anything is more important
its time to go and let it die

lyrics by marcus

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rehearsal … more new tracks…

well.. again… we rehearsed and practiced 3 new tracks… you can get a little idea via the following clips and also check out the lyrics

In thoughtlessness i loose myself
Living other worlds, escape the now
in here i am invincible
Makes me dull, soften my edge

I feel the need to waste
feel temptation overcome
deliverance is just another attempt
to make excuse for today

Theres only one way out.
I surrender, i embrace your guiding hand
the best you want for me is all i need
In this i place my trust, in this i submit

lyrics by andré


use the right words
push the people once more
turn the volume up
play some touching chords

does it feel good
this kind of power?
does it feel good
when you play with them?
does it feel good
when they follow your words?
does it feel good
when you control them?

is this what jesus meant?
No – think for yourself
is this what god wants us to be?
No – walk your own way

that’s why it is called:
„personal relationship with god“

jesus was bout freedom
jesus meant real liberty
leading people away from anything
that kept them in any boundaries
your system of religious meetings
is bout people staying children in faith
it means bein‘ dependent on your leader
your preacher and the words he’s sayin‘

as if they need some extra push
by the worship band
as if they need you to meet jesus
or to take his hand
as if they need some extra words
to feel that he’s here
as if they need you to contact him

stay away from me – stay away from me- stay away from me

lyrics by marcus

All i need

When i inhale
i wanna inhale you – holy spirit
and when i exhale
i want to exhale you – holy spirit

i wanna be drenched by you
and every word i say
and every thought i have
shall be filled with your presence

take this weak heart
and fill it with your life
take this mortal soul
and soak it with your fire
you live in me
i dwell in you

all i need
is you

lyrics by marcus

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Praiser bei The Chariot


Hammer show, wilde action und unbedingt weiter zu empfehlen…das ist das kurze resume von gestrigem hardcoreereignis in HamburgHafenklang. Vor allem meine Fresse nahm ein Andenken mit, in the spirit of elbowchecking sozusagen 🙂 .
Falls ihr die Chance habt, Chariot zu sehen, lasst euch das nicht durch die Lappen gehen. Erholsames WE und bis zur naechsten Probe.

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rehearsal – 3 new tracks

today we had the first real rehearsal since some weeks.. great… tried 3 new songs, here they are… of course just a raw version and andré will do lots of the vocals later


Take back what you’Ve lost

He needs to take Away so we can have more

we need to let go so we can receive more

What you possess possesses you

take back what you’ve lost

Every thing you own leaves a mark on your soul

my soul is black and scarred

cleanse me, lord, take these burdens

Release me from this earthbound grip

lyrics by andré


The healing

i don’t know

why lazarus first had to die

then was resurrected

while stephen didn’t come back to life

i don’t know

why some people were healed

while others kept their illness

and why sickness and death so often seem to rule this place

and even john the baptist died

not much older than jesus

and even though being his relative

he stayed in his grave

but i am sure that sickness

is not sent by god

but part of this fallen world

that is wrecked and destroyed

bred by the killer

who hates gods creation

and so often it’s us who invent

things that make us sick or dyin‘

and i’m still sure that jesus

wants to grant his healing

as he did back then

when he was a human being

and i am sure that christ

wants to raise the dead

so let us be faithful

and trust in his love

lyrics by marcus



I take it all back

all the malice in my mind

Death in my coil

Hate in my heart

I take it all back, turning it around

create rather than destroy




In your name lord

i will clear myself of all unholy

lyrics by andré

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Preacher Reliquien

Nachdem ich heute festgestellt habe, dass „Preacher“ in etwas anderer Form wieder lebt ( wurde mir wieder bewusst, dass ich schon viel zu lange den Upload der „alten“ Preacher Musikergüsse vor mir hin schiebe.
Bleibt zu sagen: alle Songs auf einmal (2,5 Alben), dickes Paket und derbes Crust-Punk Geballer, bevor die Christenheit überhaupt dafür bereit war :).

Here we go:


ps: ne dedizierte Seite kommz noch, wird ca so aussehen:

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heute lobpreis von praiser

Wie der Bender schon vorausposaunte: heute machen wir ne Stunde Liedgutpreisung fuer den Herrn in alter Punkrock-Rock Manier. Gestrige Probe war klasse, Bender stellt bestimmt noch was online :-). Meine Babypause ist auch bald vorrueber, dann geht es ans Umsetzen der 20+ an Songs, die in meiner Abwesenheit vom Gigarrenmeister erdacht worden sind :-). Also, freut euch Welt, more to come!

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„Praiser“ Lobpreisset bei den Jesus Freaks HH

yo, am 19.2. spielen wir zusammen mit ein paar anderen Bands beim Lobpreisabend der Jesus Freaks Hamburg und zwar hier:

Gluckstraße 7,22081 HH, Christus Gemeinde (Jugendkeller)

Wird wie gesagt n Set aus Anbetungsliedern usw. und keinen eigenen Sachen.

Geht ca. von 19:30 – 24:00

Wird klasse!

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Bilder vom Aue Gig gibt’s in der Photo Ecke… also genau genommen nicht vom Gig… bzw. nicht von unserem… dafür von dem von El Sabio… und Bilder mit Natur… usw.

there are some new pictures available in the photo-section, taken during our trip to aue where we played last friday

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