EP. Jetzt. Downloadbar. SAUGEN


wir haben neue Songs. 3 Stk..
ABER: es kommen noch mehr, bestimmt, sogar noch dieses Jahr, vielleicht.

Wichtig ist aber: neue Songs unter: http://blog.praiser.de/?page_id=70 (oder Songs MP3).

Wie immer: for free, Spenden an Bender, der lebt ja davon (unter anderem).


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unsere top 10 auf kirchencore.blogspot.com / our top 10 at kirchencore.blogspot.com

yeah, auf dieser sehr feinen seite tauchen je 5 unserer lieblingstracks auf die uns beeinflusst haben, plus persönlichem statement, was die tracks für uns bedeuten… also 10 anhörtipps in sachen guter musik… UND KAUFT EUCH DIE PLATTEN, DAS SIND ALLES BANDS DIE ES VERDIENT HABEN!


und weil wir gerade in der laune sind, gibts nachfolgend die songs auf youtube für euch:



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praiser at freakstock

well, heres a small clip from freakstock… sound is really destroyed but we played loud, the way it should be hehe

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another rough mix

well… we offer you another rough mix, even a lil more mixed than the stuff before… „number one“… one of our faves … lyrics can be found in the youtube description

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new recordings finished… a little idea of how they will sound available now

ok, the final mix is not done yet but to get a little idea we offer you 4 new songs to listen to…. its just a rough mix but the final sound won’t be too different cause or goal was to have an 80ies hardcore sound 🙂 …our friend and recording-master, the mighty „tigerbird“ did a great job and we look forward to his final mix……… for lyrics, scroll down, they are all to be found somewhere below hehe

take back what you’ve lost „…what you possess possesses you, take back what you’ve lost…“

glance „…you still got no power over me…“

in thoughtlessness i loose myself „…in this i place my trust, in this i submit…“ (feat. the mighty tigerbird on solo guitar)

unholy „… i will clear myself of all unholy…“

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Praiser macht Musik, live in HH

In der Astrastube geben wir unser erste Debut-Konzert dieses Jahr und in Hamburg. Ab 20:00 Uhr oder so ist Einlass (kostet wohl auch 6-8€) und als Support-Band kommt aus Holland „the Spirit that guides us“, deren schmuckes Armband ich knapp 1,5 Jahre bei Wind und Wetter trug:

Uno-Truck in Sierra LeoneHardcore at Work











Jedenfalls steht hier noch mehr zu dem Thema: http://www.hamburg-magazin.de/veranstaltungen-neu/detailansicht.html?terminuid=332850&aktion=detail&von=27.06.2011&bis=25.06.2012&ort=Astra-Stube&sorti=1&dates=5

Wir sehen uns, wird spassich,



..eh…Praiser ist natürlich Support und STGU MainAct 🙂

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new recordings… soon to be heard

well, we are recording since yesterday and have finished the basic drum and guitar parts for 20 songs… tomorrow we will add bass and vocals and maybe some guitar melodies… it will be rough and old school but we are blessed with our recording-expert, the mighty tigerbird who used to work as an engineer and in studios for years and who owns some nice equipment, so we are sure that the result will be great and punk as it should be…

in our galleries you find some pics.. check em out

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ok, the last „new“ tracks

well, we’re done…. i think we got 20 new tracks now since the last recordings… it might have been more but we decided to delete some from our list during the last weeks…

so here we go: the last 3 „new“ tracks, a re-recorded older one with a new ending and our try to play some oi-punk hehe

if everything works fine, we’ll record the new stuff in june and release it again for free via this site


When i was young
i truly believed
that this world is pretty
and life might be beautiful
i enjoyed the good things
given to me
every day seemed
to be so amazing

later i realized
that’s not how this planet works
the clean and spotless movie-life
is nothing but a lie

this earth is shaken
by unjustice and slaughter
exploitation and poverty
and we are feasting on the wrecked ones

so how can i be happy?
knowing all this darkness
and how can i enjoy things?
when they are made of others pain?

Thanks for destroying my illusions
and my dreams

crappy mankind
all that remains is:

lyrics by marcus


I don’t wanna die
but i sometimes i can’t stand this life
where is the fire
the fire i was waiting for?

Daily grind
nothing changes
every sunday
the same sermons

tons of books
about visions
but reality
seems so different

i once had a dream
to see gods beauty everywhere
i once had a dream
to lose all fear and start to dare
i once had a dream
to see smilin‘ the broken ones
i once had a dream
the (wrecked) kids might know. theres another chance

we’re stuck in our habits
work, church, hobbies, watching tv
while the real adventure with jesus christ
runs through our hands like sand – why don’t we see

lyrics by marcus


thanks to the punks
who’ve been nice to us
thanks to the squatters
who didnt judge
but took their time
and got to know us

thanks to the studios
where we recorded tracks
thanks to the zines
who reacted relaxed
thanks to the people
booking shows for us

and thanks to jesus christ
for whom we’re doin‘ this stuff
thank to the father
who provides us with his love
thanks to the spirit
who gives hope to our lifes

lyrics by marcus

well, we did the following one again, cause of a new ending:

and due to andré looking like a skinhead with his short hair and poloshirt we tried some oi but we failed 🙂

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4 new amazing punk’n’hardcore-tracks

ok, the first one isn’t new cause we already posted a video for this song but we changed the ending a little.. so here is „all i need“ in a updated version

but now dear visitors, 3 new tracks:


This is a restart
sick of the last years
it’s time to focus again
on christ
and christ only

where did i go?
wrong direction
filled with lies and darkness
wrecking myself


i take your hand lord
dont care what they say
i peer my eyes on you
cause youre the only way

i trust in you lord
every new day
you are my hope lord
this world only breeds death and decay

and i dont wanna die
i wanna live
heal me and restore your strength in my soul

i dont wanna fade
i wanne shine
help me to walk your path and leave the darkened past behind

lyrics by marcus


get out of my way
cause i lost all control
better step aside
or you might get hurt

i never wanted this
but i cant change it anymore
betrayed my ideals
broke my vows

i run amok… amok
i run amok

only christ can restore what i destroyed

lyrics by marcus


hey hey politician
so great what you achieved
by lyin‘ and bein‘ a jerk
with no heart indeed

but you still got not
power over me

hey hey police officer
nice uniform you wear
you represent the law
by making homeless people leave

you still got no
power over me

hey hey beloved preacher
who knows the word so well
who likes the limelight and the glory
can’t admit when he fell

i can’t show any respect for you

all you who seem so mighty
so strong and bold and pure
you are like whitewashed tombs
deceiving others with your lure

i won’t be misleaded
by your glance

lyrics by marcus

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Shai Hulud in HH

That was awesome. I did not bleed like last time, i even had a real nice chat with the swell guys from my favourite band (guess which) and Matt Covey (Drummer) was nice enough to stand still for a sec to get photographed (as proof of me being there).

My throat is pretty sore but thats the price i gladly pay for singing along all of my favourite songs (yep, they played all of them). So, Praiser is gonna hit the next practice freshly inspired and me craving to play just a tiny bit as good as i heard drums being played tonight :).

Have a safe tour, dear Fremen-friends, and god bless.

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