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I see a bright and sunny day
the horizon’s dressed in gold
good things will surely come my way
yeah i believe what i’ve been told

you will always care for me
in your presence i will be

it’s not important where i am
cause you travel in my heart
no matter where my feet may walk
you and i wont be apart

you will always stay with me
in your presence i will be
jesus only you remain
everthing else – it’s in vain

lyrics by marcus

rest now

For this is the beginning
The downfall of men
In pride and craving despicable self

Rest ones faith in oneself
rest assured
Rest now and never wake up
Mankind thrives on death.

lyrics by andré

i chose christ

In this i find solitude, hope and answer
you choose to be unloved – alien to yourselves

In this i find acceptance, Refuge and peace 2x

This is is my strength and my salvation
This is my choice and my life to give

i chose christ. 3X

what choice you got?

lyrics by andré

christloving misanthrope

i read the news
i watch the streets
what are we really?
poor jerks, indeed
and sometimes I
truly can’t stand
this pathetic behaviour
without an end

and i feel hate
and despise
i know i shouldn’t
cause i love christ
it’s so disgusting
how people act
oh lord help me
to love and to ignore the facts

and what i hate most
is their way
to deny any faults
as if it’s all ok
poor excuses
lame explanations
for greed and envy
gluttony and exploitation

and i feel hate…

i hate people
lord, please help me
i hate people
god please save me

lyrics by marcus


In here there s nothing that compares
Priceless endless strength to give 2x

And in just a moment of clarity
all is to be had
All is offered
Take it, take him

Recharge, rebreath, relive what was wasted before
and in just a moment of clarity
All is to be had

lyrics by andré

still dead

you felt so clean
and boring, too
so you did
what they all do
drank a lot
met some girls beds
tried some dope
still you’re not glad

acted wild
tough and cool
praised the way
of breaking rules
getting all fears
out of your head
ranting bout life
but feeling dead

and you’re feeling so dead inside
you feel you’ve lost your life
and there’s no light to find
only darkness inside

this world is
so full of lies
it wont be there
when your heart cries
its promises
are full of crap
its so called life
is so darn dead

and i am not
talking bout laws
bout dos and don’ts
or bein‘ a bore
but ask yourself
in all you tried
did you find peace
peace inside?

and you’re feeling so dead inside
you feel you’ve lost your life
and there’s no light to find
only darkness inside

lyrics by marcus

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