ok, the last „new“ tracks

well, we’re done…. i think we got 20 new tracks now since the last recordings… it might have been more but we decided to delete some from our list during the last weeks…

so here we go: the last 3 „new“ tracks, a re-recorded older one with a new ending and our try to play some oi-punk hehe

if everything works fine, we’ll record the new stuff in june and release it again for free via this site


When i was young
i truly believed
that this world is pretty
and life might be beautiful
i enjoyed the good things
given to me
every day seemed
to be so amazing

later i realized
that’s not how this planet works
the clean and spotless movie-life
is nothing but a lie

this earth is shaken
by unjustice and slaughter
exploitation and poverty
and we are feasting on the wrecked ones

so how can i be happy?
knowing all this darkness
and how can i enjoy things?
when they are made of others pain?

Thanks for destroying my illusions
and my dreams

crappy mankind
all that remains is:

lyrics by marcus


I don’t wanna die
but i sometimes i can’t stand this life
where is the fire
the fire i was waiting for?

Daily grind
nothing changes
every sunday
the same sermons

tons of books
about visions
but reality
seems so different

i once had a dream
to see gods beauty everywhere
i once had a dream
to lose all fear and start to dare
i once had a dream
to see smilin‘ the broken ones
i once had a dream
the (wrecked) kids might know. theres another chance

we’re stuck in our habits
work, church, hobbies, watching tv
while the real adventure with jesus christ
runs through our hands like sand – why don’t we see

lyrics by marcus


thanks to the punks
who’ve been nice to us
thanks to the squatters
who didnt judge
but took their time
and got to know us

thanks to the studios
where we recorded tracks
thanks to the zines
who reacted relaxed
thanks to the people
booking shows for us

and thanks to jesus christ
for whom we’re doin‘ this stuff
thank to the father
who provides us with his love
thanks to the spirit
who gives hope to our lifes

lyrics by marcus

well, we did the following one again, cause of a new ending:

and due to andré looking like a skinhead with his short hair and poloshirt we tried some oi but we failed 🙂

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