4 new amazing punk’n’hardcore-tracks

ok, the first one isn’t new cause we already posted a video for this song but we changed the ending a little.. so here is „all i need“ in a updated version

but now dear visitors, 3 new tracks:


This is a restart
sick of the last years
it’s time to focus again
on christ
and christ only

where did i go?
wrong direction
filled with lies and darkness
wrecking myself


i take your hand lord
dont care what they say
i peer my eyes on you
cause youre the only way

i trust in you lord
every new day
you are my hope lord
this world only breeds death and decay

and i dont wanna die
i wanna live
heal me and restore your strength in my soul

i dont wanna fade
i wanne shine
help me to walk your path and leave the darkened past behind

lyrics by marcus


get out of my way
cause i lost all control
better step aside
or you might get hurt

i never wanted this
but i cant change it anymore
betrayed my ideals
broke my vows

i run amok… amok
i run amok

only christ can restore what i destroyed

lyrics by marcus


hey hey politician
so great what you achieved
by lyin‘ and bein‘ a jerk
with no heart indeed

but you still got not
power over me

hey hey police officer
nice uniform you wear
you represent the law
by making homeless people leave

you still got no
power over me

hey hey beloved preacher
who knows the word so well
who likes the limelight and the glory
can’t admit when he fell

i can’t show any respect for you

all you who seem so mighty
so strong and bold and pure
you are like whitewashed tombs
deceiving others with your lure

i won’t be misleaded
by your glance

lyrics by marcus

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