more more more new songs

well, we head straight towards a new recording session … so here are 2 more brandnew tracks from the rehearsal room … just to get an idea of the sound… lyrics are also available:

remember my words

remember my words
when the dead walk the earth
when the sick are getting healed
and when demons will flee

‚cause either the word is true
then it’s time to start
or it’s nothing but lies
then i’m the first to fall apart

but i believe in christ
in his power and his love
and it’s not bout show nor money
but bout blessings through strength from above
and it’s not bout condemnation
but bout the message of grace and forgiveness
the biggest power ever been
and the only one free from selfishness

so go go go go go go
in the name of christ

lyrics by marcus

Ton Steine Dutschke

Tolstoi was a christian
Dutschke believed too
and Rio read the bible
even quoted it in the lyrics sheet

and what about liberation theology
or the catholic workers movement?
even ensslin read the word of god
did i mention bonhoeffer and scholl?

so don’t bore me with your lies
that christians can’t be part of the fight

against unjustice and oppression
who are you to decide?
who are you to segregate us?
while we could stand side by side

yeah we could have fought side by side

lyrics by marcus

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