rehearsal – 3 new tracks

today we had the first real rehearsal since some weeks.. great… tried 3 new songs, here they are… of course just a raw version and andré will do lots of the vocals later


Take back what you’Ve lost

He needs to take Away so we can have more

we need to let go so we can receive more

What you possess possesses you

take back what you’ve lost

Every thing you own leaves a mark on your soul

my soul is black and scarred

cleanse me, lord, take these burdens

Release me from this earthbound grip

lyrics by andré


The healing

i don’t know

why lazarus first had to die

then was resurrected

while stephen didn’t come back to life

i don’t know

why some people were healed

while others kept their illness

and why sickness and death so often seem to rule this place

and even john the baptist died

not much older than jesus

and even though being his relative

he stayed in his grave

but i am sure that sickness

is not sent by god

but part of this fallen world

that is wrecked and destroyed

bred by the killer

who hates gods creation

and so often it’s us who invent

things that make us sick or dyin‘

and i’m still sure that jesus

wants to grant his healing

as he did back then

when he was a human being

and i am sure that christ

wants to raise the dead

so let us be faithful

and trust in his love

lyrics by marcus



I take it all back

all the malice in my mind

Death in my coil

Hate in my heart

I take it all back, turning it around

create rather than destroy




In your name lord

i will clear myself of all unholy

lyrics by andré

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